Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today is the Last Day . . .

Today, July 10, 2012 is the last day to share what you do to create memories, connect in special ways and develop traditions with your grandchildren/children in my "grandma contest". So far five of you have shared what you do - thank you so much for sharing! There is still time to be included in this "contest" as voting will not begin until tomorrow!

So, I thought it would be fun to share with you something I did with my children and will be doing with my grandsons - when they are a little older! When my children were eight and nine years old, I asked them to draw me a self-portrait which I planned to frame and put on my wall. They did and these drawings are on my wall; they are some of my favorite gifts I've ever received! Tiffany drew a picture of herself shopping and Dave drew a picture of himself hiking by a lake in the woods with his dog, Scout! I love these pictures and look forward to the day when Josiah and Caleb are old enough to draw pictures of themselves so I can frame them and add them to the wall!

I also celebrated the 12 days of Christmas . . . or as my family calls it, the "30 days of Christmas!" each year with my children . . . and now with my grandsons! I love Christmas and I love giving gifts, so I allow my grandsons to open a gift each time they are at my home between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love to spread out the fun and since most of the "early" gifts are books, small items or this year will be things they can share, it is just a fun way to celebrate with them! I'm also looking forward to beginning a new tradition this year with my grandsons . . . the tradition of choosing a gift from Samaritan's Purse's gift catalog which we will send to children in another country as a gift from our family to their family! I want to cultivate a spirit of generosity and giving in my grandsons!

So, what do you do to connect in special ways, develop traditions and create memories with your grandchildren/children? Please share today! Tomorrow I'll post about each idea which is shared and you will find a "poll" on the right side of the blog in which you may place your vote for the idea you like the most: the one which you would like to try with your grandchildren/children. The one who receives the most votes by August 10, 2012 will receive a prize package - check this link for the items in the package . . . so far!

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