Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Days Until Voting Begins in My 1st Grandma Contest!

Thank you Nicci DiFlumeri for sharing what you are doing to create memories and establish a tradition with your little girl - love the photos! So, we now have four entries which everyone will be able to vote for in my "grandma contest"! Voting begins on July 11, 2012 with a winner being announced on August 10, 2012! This means you still have today and tomorrow to share what you do to create memories and connect in special ways with your grandchildren/children so you can be included in the "contest"! I'm working on a fun prize package for the person with the idea which receives the most votes - check this link to see the current prizes in the package!

I love writing grandma's cookie jar! I love the opportunity it gives me to share reviews of books, movies, music, craft ideas, recipes and thoughts about how to pass on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren. I also love the opportunity it gives me to give things away, because I love to give things away! And, one of the wonderful blessings of writing grandma's cookie jar is the opportunity it has given me to "meet" so many of you who read this little blog! I appreciate so very much when you comment and respond to the posts. I want to provide more opportunities for you all to be involved and this "grandma contest" is one such way to do this! So, please take a moment and comment to share what you do to create memories and connect in a special way with your grandchildren/children!

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