Monday, July 23, 2012

Vote for . . . Christmas PJ Gift Tradition

I have been sharing the ideas of five ladies - two grandmas and three moms - who shared what they do to build relationships, create memories and establish traditions with their grandchildren/children. I'm asking you to vote for the idea you like the best - the one you'd like to try with your grandchildren/children. So, I last shared Nicci Di Flumeri's "Parade Photo Tradition" . . . so today I'm sharing about Nichol Tone's Christmas Eve PJ Gift Tradition. (I'm taking them in the order they were submitted to me)

Nichol Tone is a mom who said, "Each day I make special for my children and myself, but every year .... On Christmas Eve, we all get to open one gift; which is our christmas pajamas. This is a tradition my mom started and still continues to do with her children and grandchildren. So we all wake up Christmas morning in our christmas pajamas."

So . . . if planning a tradition of having your family open a gift of PJs on Christmas Eve is something your family might enjoy, you might like to develop your own "Christmas eve PJ Gift Tradition"! If you do, would you be a "footie" pj person or a traditional pj person? If Nichol's Christmas Eve PJ gift tradition sounds like something you would like to try with your grandchildren/children, then be sure to vote for her on the poll which you will find here on the blog on the right side of the page!

So . . . which idea do you like the best? Please take a moment to vote for the idea you like the best on the poll which you will find on the right side of the page of grandma's cookie jar!

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  1. We actually do the PJs every Christmas! Sometimes I buy for the "whole" family so that we all match for Christmas morning pics! From Noni and Pawpaw to the little ones we all match!