Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vote . . . For Grandma's Boot Camp!

 As you know, I'm having my first "grandma contest" on grandma's cookie jar and the polls are open for you to cast your vote for the idea you like the best! I have five ladies - two grandmas and three moms - who shared their ideas for     what they do to build relationships, create memories and establish traditions with their grandchildren/children. I'm asking you to vote for the idea you like the best - the one you'd like to try with your grandchildren/children. So, today . . . and each day for the next four days - I'm going to talk about one of the ideas! (I'm taking them in the order they were submitted to me)

The first lady who shared what she does with her grandchildren, is grandma, Lori Layne. Lori shared her idea for "Grandma's Boot Camp" and told how she plans and prepares for a week of special opportunities to learn and have fun for her six grandchildren - and for children of people she knows. Boot Camp runs from August 13th - 24th and four children will be sleeping over each night. Lori says  they will be making, "bird seed ornaments, volcanos with lava, music videos, bubble wants, library reading time, pajama party day, veggietales movie day and may be adding elephant toothpaste and chocolate peanut butter bugles!" Lori said she is trying to get a neighbor to come and talk with the childrne about horses and ferriers as well as someone to come and teach the children to play chess! It sounds like great fun!

So . . . while you might not be able to put on a boot camp which lasts for twelve days, you might be able to try a few of the ideas! If you do, which ideas would you like to try?

If "Grandma's Boot Camp" sounds like something you would like to try - or at least part of it - with your grandchildren/children, then be sure to vote for Lori's Grandma's Boot Camp on the poll which you will find here on the blog on the right side of the page!

Tomorrow I'll write about TiF Murray's Summer Camping Tradition! 

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