Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vote for . . . Parade Photo Tradition!

I have been sharing the ideas of five ladies - two grandmas and three moms - who shared what they do to build relationships, create memories and establish traditions with their grandchildren/children. I'm asking you to vote for the idea you like the best - the one you'd like to try with your grandchildren/children. So, yesterday I shared about Elaine's "Advent Angels/Camp Gram" (she updated me yesterday on this year's "Camp Gram" and said, "our 'first ever' Camp Gram was last weekend. WOW....what a weekend it was. We Grandmas (and Grandpas) had a GREAT time and I think the kids did, too -- ages 3, 3, 6, 7, & 8. Having a friend come capture the priceless moments was an added blessing. When we've done Advent Angels we've had 'staged' pics, but we have some PRICELESS pics of spontaneous moments now. The nature hike was one of the highlights...and the twilight boat ride with the grandpas...and finding an 'abandoned' turtle shell....and doing hobo dinners...and sleeping in the cool indoor tents lined up wall to wall...and learning about the 'sticky white oozing stuff' from the prickly pear cactus being what Indians used for war paint....and doing leaf rubbings....and making bird feeders...and playing Red Rover....and reading books...and, and, and! It was all great fun and we'll be doing this again next year I'm QUITE SURE!!!!! ") and today I want to write about Nicci Di Flumeri's "Parade Photo Tradition" . . . I'll be sharing the last one tomorrow. (I'm taking them in the order they were submitted to me)

Nicci DiFlumeri is a mom who shared what she is doing to establish a tradition with her daughter! She said, "I have one child - my husband and I both grew up as only children. We have made a tradition of driving back to New York from Boston to go to our hometown parade every 4th of July. It was my absolutely favorite holiday growing up with the best memories of knowing most of the people in the parade and waving, catching candy and waving flags! We go to the same church with the same, now grown up friends who I used to watch the parade with. This is my daughter's first picture and I take one each year - so far three of them - all taken in the exact same spot! This is a tradition i always want to keep. I love my small home town and my friends!"

So . . . if planning a special photo you take each year in the same place is something your family might enjoy, you might like to develop your own "photo tradition"! If you do, where would you take the photo each year? If Nicci's parade photo tradition sounds like something you would like to try with your grandchildren/children, then be sure to vote for her on the poll which you will find here on the blog on the right side of the page!

Tomorrow I'll write about Nichol Tone's Christmas Eve PJ Tradition!

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