Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vote for . . . Summer Camping Tradition!

As you know, I'm having my first "grandma contest" on grandma's cookie jar and the polls are open for you to cast your vote for the idea you like the best! I have five ladies - two grandmas and three moms - who shared their ideas for     what they do to build relationships, create memories and establish traditions with their grandchildren/children. I'm asking you to vote for the idea you like the best - the one you'd like to try with your grandchildren/children. So, yesterday I shared about Lori's "Grandma's Boot Camp" and today I want to write about TiF Murray's Summer Camping Tradition . . . I'll be sharing about the others each day for the next three days! (I'm taking them in the order they were submitted to me)

TiF Murray is a mom who said, "Our family loves tent camping,  so every summer we try to get a few trips in. Typically we spend time at one local campground and two out of state. We like to go to a new place each time and are luckly enough where we live it is easy for us to go to a beach or mountain to camp! Last year we did a trip to Cape Henlopen, DE which offered great early morning dolphin watching and ocean filled days. We also camped near Harrisburg, PA which was full of mountains and we had these huge boulders on our site which our girls climbed all over. This trip was very memorable because it rained the whole weekend! We found ourselves tent-bound, but still had a great time! We just love camping and letting our girls be adventurous, getting dirty, sometimes lost on a hiking trail and just spending time together to reinfouce the bond which God has given us! :-)"

So . . . if camping is something your family enjoys, you might like to develop a summer camping tradition! If you do, where would you want to go to camp? If TiF Murray's summer camping tradition sounds like something you would like to try with your grandchildren/children, then be sure to vote for her on the poll which you will find here on the blog on the right side of the page!

Tomorrow I'll write about Elaine McAllister's Advent Angels/Camp Gram!

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