Thursday, August 9, 2012

crafting with grandma - My Crocheted Pocket Purse!

Last week I shared the pattern for the crocheted pocket purse, which I found on Pinterest. Since then, I made one, so I thought I'd show you a photo and tell you the few things I did to "tweak" the pattern!

I followed the pattern except I made just one pocket instead of three - two pockets are enough to hold the things I want in my purse! :^)  I also crocheted a handle instead of buying a chain for the handle. To make the handle I chained 110 stitches and then sc in the second stitch to the end. At this point I chained 20 and then joined with the opposite side from where I chained and sc back. I joined and then sc the back loops of the original 110 stitches and repeated the ch 20 to make a loop at the other end. I sc all the way around in each ch. I also crocheted two "tabs" - ch 12 then hdc for three rows. I used the tabs to attach the loops on the handle to the top edge of the pockets and voila - a crocheted handle! 

I also reverse single crocheted around the edges of the purse and flap - just because I like the way a reverse single crochet gives a nice "finish" to crocheted items! I used five yarn colors - one main color for each pocket and then just threw in random stripes as the "mood struck me"! :^) I used a separate color for the handle.

This is a simple pattern and went together very quickly! I will probably be making more of this pattern - different colors/yarns so I can have purses for different times of the year! :^)

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