Friday, August 3, 2012

Give-Aways, Contest and More Fun to Come!

So far it has been a busy summer on grandma's cookie jar! I've given away books, movies, toys, tea, coffee and more! I have several give-aways coming up . . . on August 7th I'm giving away the book, No More Diapers for Ducky! On August 10th I'm giving away the recordable book, All the Ways I Love You and on August 14th I'm giving away two Match It! Make It! Dinosaurs games!  Don't forget, on September 1st I'm giving away one Matilda, A Girl For All Times doll, too!

Plus, on August 11th I'll be announcing the winner in my first "grandma contest"! If you have not voted yet, please take a moment to vote for the idea you like the best; the one you'd like to try with your grandchildren! I have a wonderful prize package planned for the winner . . . and another "grandma contest" which I'll be announcing in September!

I'll be starting my "Children's Museum Tour" next week and will be giving away tickets to children's museums across the country! (Maybe next summer I'll have a Zoo Tour!!!)

I so very much appreciate each of you who read grandma's cookie jar! Thank you for making time in your day to check out my blog! This Fall I have some fun planned . . . including another American Girl Doll give-away! So, please keep checking grandma's cookie jar, join in the fun, like us on facebook and tell the people you know about grandma's cookie jar so they can do the same! 

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