Monday, August 6, 2012

grandma's chuckles - Poppa is Great, But I Want the Pilot!

This past Saturday, Tim and Lori Layne hosted an event for our Sunday school class which included plane rides. I ended up staying home with Caleb - we forgot to get his car seat, but Dave was able to go for awhile with Josiah. Being 3, Josiah wanted his poppa to go up in the airplane with him. While Tim (the pilot) was getting ready to start the plane he was joking around that he wasn't a pilot, but he was sure he could figure out how to fly the plane. Josiah gave this some thought then said, "Poppa, maybe it would be a good idea if you get out of the plane so the pilot can get in your spot!" (He didn't ask to get out himself - just thought a pilot would be a good idea). Of course his poppa told him Tim was really a pilot and was just joking around, so then Josiah was ready to fly! 

He may be not quite four years old, but he knew while having poppa in the plane with him was a nice thing, something he would like, having the pilot was NECESSARY! :^)

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