Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have You "Liked" the Manners Mentor Yet?

I've shared manners insights from my friend Maralee McKee - the Manners Mentor - with you from time to time and my blog stats tell me, these posts are some of the most read ever! We all care about manners . . . for ourselves and certainly for our grandchildren/children! Maralee's gracious way of sharing manners do's and don'ts with us are true gifts to be cherished! So often it is difficult to know what to do - or don't! 

I wanted to share with you something Maralee said recently . . . "Our children's character isn't formed by our lists of rules or commands: don't talk while others talk, clear your place at the table when you're done, clean up your Legos (those things are needed, but they form our children's good habits, not their character) Their character is formed bit-by-bit by our quiet influence, our consistent habits and our guiding words of loving warning and enthusiastic love." Can you see why I consider Maralee's gracious way of sharing manners do's and don'ts with us as true gifts to be cherished?!!

Take some time to check out Maralee's blog, Maralee McKee's Manners Mentor and please be sure to "like" it . . . you'll find a wealth of information which will help you see, as Maralee says, "Manners have very little to do with which fork to use and nothing to do with how expensive one’s home, car, or clothes are. Good manners are about remembering that we’re each sharing this train ride of life with others, and that the way we interact and respond to them speaks to the very heart of who we are."

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