Thursday, August 23, 2012

Join the Fun . . . Share Your Family's Favorite Apple Recipe!

I'm having another "grandma contest", this time I'm asking you to share your family's favorite apple recipe and then you all can vote for the recipe you like the best! The winner will receive a prize package and we will all "receive" wonderful new apple recipes . . . sounds like a "win-win"!

So, what is your family's favorite apple recipe? Do you have a special recipe for apple pie? Do you make an amazing apple sauce? Do you have a recipe for apple bread or muffins? Do you have a wonderful recipe for baked apples? What do you add apples to knowing it is sure to put a smile on your family's face?

If you have a family favorite apple recipe, please share it in my Apple Recipe Contest! Please message me your recipe by August 28, 2012 and I'll post the recipes. ( Then From September 1 through September 15 you will be able to vote for the recipe you like the best; the one you'd like to try with your family! Simple, fun and delicious! Please join in the fun!

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