Monday, August 6, 2012

Take God at His Word!

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Stan Mast preach from Philippians 4:6,7; Acts 4:23-31yesterday about, "Changing the way you pray" and just had to share it with you! Please take 29 minutes to listen to it - it will be some of the best 29 minutes you spend today!

When it comes to our own lives, our family's lives and our grandchildren there are things we worry about; thankfully, God gives us Philippians 4 to help us know what to do when we worry! "Let it go, give thanks, acknowledge God as "Sovereign Lord" and know; God is in charge! Jesus is your Savior! So, why worry? Be at Peace!"

What a powerful sermon! The reason for this is it is the truth! So, in regards to your family and your ministry, what do you worry about? What do you need to let go? Remember, God is Sovereign and He is interested in our good; this is why He sent Jesus!

So, when you think about your family today, remember, let it go, give thanks, acknowledge God as "Sovereign Lord" and know He is in charge, Jesus is your Savior, so why worry? Be at peace! 

As Dr. Mast said, "Your prayer closet is where you take God at His word! Remind yourself of the sovereignty of God and begin your prayers with this! If you begin your prayers by rehearsing your problems, they will get bigger. If you begin your prayers with your God and how great He is, your problems will get smaller and smaller!"

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