Thursday, October 4, 2012

crafting with grandma - Cute Wooden Snowman!

Snowman~ made out of 2 X 4 woodOkay, first of all, I do not like snow . . . at all. It is cold, wet and slippery . . .   but, as much as I do not care for snow, I really do love snowpeople! I love to make non-snow snowpeople and I love to decorate with them! So, as I was browsing on Pinterest I happened to notice a very cute snowman . . . and had to share it with you! This little non-snow snowman looks like it would be very simple to make . . . one you could even involve your grandchildren in making as a gift for their parents, their teachers or to brighten the day of an elderly neighbor!

Just follow the link and you'll find a photo of the non-snow snowman and a Christmas tree, too. There aren't any directions, but I think all you'd have to do is get some 2x4's, cut them to the sizes you want, sand the edges and paint! Glue together - I'd use liquid nails - and decorate as you like! Soooo cute and this is a great craft for allowing your own creativity to truly shine! I'm sure these little non-snow snowmen will be showing up around my house this winter!

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