Thursday, October 4, 2012

crafting with grandma - Simple Snowman!

winter craftOkay, please don't interpret my posting of snowpeople crafts as a message that I'm looking forward to snow . . . I most certainly am not! However; I really do love non-snow snowpeople and as I browsed on Pinterest I saw this idea for a simple snowman even preschoolers could make . . . and one which reuses creamer bottles!

Just follow the link and you'll find complete, easy-to-follow directions . . . the lady who created these cute little non-snow snowpeople said even three year olds were able to make them! So . . . start saving those creamer bottles now and get ready to round up your grandchildren for a day of creating non-snow snowpeople! They could make them for their teachers, neighbors . . . to sell at a craft show and then use the money to buy something from the Gifts of Hope catalog so children and families in need are able to receive a special gift at Christmas!!! Have fun . . . I'm saving my creamer bottles and expect to have a wonderful time with Josiah, making non-snow snowpeople in the near future!

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  1. Nice!! It doesn't even snow where I live, so snowmen it is!!! Saving my creamer bottles. Thanks! The kids will love this!