Sunday, October 28, 2012

grandma's Christmas Cookie Recipe Contest - Round One!

Get ready to fire up your ovens and gather your supplies because Monday through Thursday I'll be sharing the first four recipes which have been shared by some of you for my Christmas Cookie Recipe Contest! Each day I'll share another recipe and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will be able to vote for the recipe which you like the best - it will move on to the finals at the end of all the preliminary voting!

Next week I'll share the remaining recipes - unless I receive some more recipes as you have through the 31st to email your recipe to me if you want to be in the contest!

So, the first four recipes - which I'm posting in the order I received them - are . . . 

  • Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Biscotti sent to me by Rachel
  • Seven Layer Rainbow Cookies sent to me by Katie Yaniak
  • Snicker Chocolate Chip Cookies sent to me by Jackie Wieda
  • Ritz Snowflake Peanutbutter Chocolate Sandwich Cookies sent to me by Lori Layne
Don't these sound so tasty?!! Thank you Rachel, Katie, Jackie and Lori for sharing your recipes!

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