Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apparently the Cookie Poll is Still Having Issues - Please Vote Again!

Apparently the "poll" for the cookie contest is continuing to have "issues" as it is not showing votes. So, to vote, I need you to comment below and tell me which cookie you'd like to vote for. You may vote once by 9 AM (EST) November 7, 2012. So, once again, if you already voted, Please vote again! If you have not voted yet, please vote!

Please vote for the cookie you like the best! You can vote with the poll at the side of the page, through Tuesday and then whichever recipe receives the most votes will move on to the Cookie Recipe "Finals" later this month were a winner will be chosen!

As a reminder, the four cookies you can vote for in this round are . . . 

Please vote for the recipe you like the best and have fun trying each of them . . . your family is sure to enjoy it, too!