Monday, November 5, 2012

grandma's Christmas Cookie Recipe Contest - Oreo Balls from Marge Percival!

OREO Cookie Balls recipeI'm very happy to share the fifth recipe in my Christmas Cookie Recipe Contest - Oreo Balls from Marge Percival! Marge said, "We love these Oreo balls!!!" From the sounds of the recipe - I can see why! Thank you Marge for sharing it with us! (Voting will begin on Friday - November 9, 2012)

And, first, an apology to Rachel, Katie, Jackie and Lori - and everyone who has been trying to vote for their cookies. I set up the poll through blogger, but apparently it has a "glitch". It kept adding votes, then taking them away leaving me no way to tell how many votes the cookies received. So, I posted about the problem and am asking you to please vote once for the cookie you like the best by either commenting on the blog or the facebook page. I'll take votes through 9am Wednesday and then whichever cookie receives the most votes will move into the finals. I am so sorry for all the confusion and difficulty voting.

Ingredients -
  • 1 16 oz Oreo cookies, crushed
  • 1  8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 24 oz package white chocolate bark or chocolate bark
  • Using a blender  crush Oreos. 
  • With either blender or hand held mixer, mix crushed Oreos and cream cheese together.  
  • Roll into walnut size balls.  
  • Chill for an hour.
  • Melt around 1/2 pack of white almond bark 
  • Dip Oreo balls into the almond bark (you can use white or chocolate bark). 
  • Allow to harden on wax paper. 
 Ready to eat or get fancy and decorate with opposite colored melted almond bark and drizzle over the Oreo balls. Yield around 25-35 walnut size candy cookies!

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