Monday, December 10, 2012

A Review and My Favorite Things . . .

It has been a busy year on grandma's cookie jar . . . I've given away more than 175 things . . . including four American Girl dolls, two Girl for All Time Dolls, two K'nex roller coaster building sets, one Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand coffeemaker, one Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Popper, dozens of books, movies, toys and so much more! It has been a lot of fun . . . and I am happy to say I have a lot more give-aways planned for 2013!

With Christmas just around the corner - and of course birthdays and other special days throughout the coming year - I thought it would be fun to review some of my favorite items which I've reviewed and given away in the last year.

I'm starting with three items I use often . . . first of all, the OMHU cane. I have MS and Lupus so whenever I go out, I use my OMHU cane. I especially appreciate it because it gives me a stable and secure feeling . . . plus, I love the purple color and smooth, wood handle! In my review I said, "If I have to have a cane, it can at least be a "fun" cane! The design, style and function of the OMHU cane tell me they have paid attention to the important things. I appreciate how attractive my OMHU cane is as well as how comfortable it is to use. It is lightweight, yet very sturdy and helps me feel steady on my feet. I am confident my OMHU cane is one which will last for years! I especially like the comment OMHU made on their website - "Because with great care, life may be imperfect, and also beautiful." If you, or someone on your gift list, could benefit from the use of a cane, definitely take a look at the OMHU canes - they make a great gift!

The Grandmother's BibleI have also appreciated the opportunity to share with you the Grandmother's Bible from Zondervan. I reviewed it a number of times and in one review I said, "I love the year of devotions written to 'nourish grandmothers to nurture grandchildren' and I love the many features throughout the Bible, but I particularly love the daily 'Grandchild in Focus Prayer' and want to share one with you today. 'O Sovereign Lord, the world surrounds my grandchild, pressing in and tempting him in so many ways. Help him set appropriate limits. Give him sound judgement to choose wisely. Guard him from temptation; protect him from physical and mental predators; lead him into paths of righteousness and light. And reassure me with Your promise You are holding him in Your hands. Amen.' Can you see why I love this part of the Grandmother's Bible?!!! Make this your prayer for your grandchildren today!" Definitely take a look at this Bible for the grandmas in your life!

And thirdly - of course I have to take a moment to talk about Cross fountain pens! I LOVE fountain pens and two from Cross have absolutely become my favorites! I love their Sauvage Azurite Blue Crocodile Fountain Pen and their new, Cross Forever Pearl Fountain Pen. In my review, I said, "This pen is beautiful to look at and amazing to write with! It is so comfortable to hold - no stress on my hand for writing! (Which, since I have MS, this really matters to me!) Again, it is obvious Cross has given time and attention to the design, style, function and quality of this pen! As Cross says, 'Reminiscent of the fluid lines of a fountain pen the Forever Pearl combines modern writing convenience with old world charm. With its pearlescent finish and decorative circles, this pen looks stunning on a desk or in the hand The metallic circle pattern is printed over an ivory metallic lacquer base and enhanced with accents of silvery engraving which adds intrigue and dimension.' And they are absolutely correct! If you are looking for a unique and special gift which could be used every day, definitely take a look at the Cross Forever Pearl Fountain Pen!"

Maybe one of these would make a great gift for someone on your gift list!

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