Monday, December 3, 2012

A Week of Fun Christmas Crafts - Handprint Nativity Animals

handprint nativity animals
Are you looking for craft ideas you can use with your grandchildren which celebrate the real Reason for the Season? Well, this week I'll share a different idea each day for crafts you could use . . . and each one not only celebrates Jesus, but is simple and inexpensive to make! The first one is great fun . . . Handprint Nativity Animals!

I found this craft on Pinterest - just follow this link for complete directions for this craft which not only is fun to make, but is one which makes a great gift for parents - they are sure to want to keep as a way to remember their children when their hands were small! You'll find a supplies list as well as the poems which go with each animal - Cow, Sheep, Donkey and Camel. I love handprint crafts, and this is one which is sure to be one of my favorites!

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