Thursday, December 13, 2012

grandma's favorites - Books for Children

I am a huge fan of books! I absolutely believe in the value of snuggling with children from their youngest ages and reading books to and with them. Books are always part of the gifts I give children for their birthdays and for Christmas; as they were for me when I was a child. My mother gave me books and I firmly believe this is one of the reasons I love books and reading! When we pass on a love for books and reading, we are giving children a gift to which no price tag can ever be placed!

So, I LOVE the opportunity I have to review - and often give away - books! There have been many throughout the year which I have truly enjoyed, but some of my favorites are . . . 

  • Any, and every, recordable book from Hallmark! So far I've reviewed;  You're a Hero!All the Ways I Love You and Thank You God for Everything! I love the sturdy paper these books are made with, the colorful illustrations, the solid stories and most importantly, the  opportunity they give grandparents/parents to record the book as they read them so children can listen to you read it to them again and again when you are not there to snuggle and read it for them yourself - especially wonderful if you live far away from your sweet grandchildren! 
  • When I think about my favorite books I've reviewed in the past year, I have to include - How to Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles! When I reviewed this book I said, "This book is not only educational and informative, but great fun! My hubby pulled it out and used it with Josiah this weekend and the fun we had, well, if you only get one book/resource to enjoy with your grandchildren this Fall, most definitely make it this Bubble book with the Bubble Thing! Josiah isn't really tall enough to make the bubbles himself, but he had tremendous fun dipping the Bubble Thing into the Bubble Juice and then chasing down the humongous bubbles Poppa made so he could pop them! He could not wait for daddy and momma to get here so he could show them how to make giant bubbles! (And many, many more humongous bubbles were made - and popped!) I love this book, but the thing I truly love the most is how it gave us the opportunity to amaze, delight and have great fun with our grandson! Memories were most certainly made with the Bubble Thing!"
  • Another delightful book is, The Baby That Roared! This book is so much  fun to read with young children - have them do the "roaring" throughout  the book . . . when you do this, you'll see why I love this book! When I reviewed this book I said, "this is a delightful, funny and unexpected story!" and "every once-in-awhile a book comes along which is a true delight . . . and occasionally one comes along which makes me laugh out-loud! This book is one such book!"
  • While I could certainly go on and on about books I love, I'll add just one more . . . Oh No, George! In my review I said, "I couldn't love this story more! It has humor and solid messages and is a story which you can involve your grandchildren in helping to tell . . . have them say, 'What will George do?' on each of the pages where this question is asked! Be sure to use the opportunity to talk with your grandchildren about what to do when they do not obey or do what they say they will do, forgiveness and starting over! This is a completely fun and engaging story . . . it even had the adults laughing as we read it with Josiah!!!! I LOVE how George says, 'I want to be good, but I LOVE cake . . . ' What do you think happens next?!!!! :^) I LOVE, LOVE how George is sorry for not being 'good', asks for forgiveness, tries to make restitution and then shows he can make good choices!!!
What are your favorite books for children?

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