Friday, January 4, 2013

crafting with grandma - Alphabet Animals

There are lots of things which are fun about being "grandma" . . . the giving and receiving of hugs, kisses and smiles certainly being at the top of the list! Another fun thing is being able to help your grandchildren learn new things - such as learning their A, B, C's. So, when I was browsing on Pinterest the other day and saw Animal Alphabet, I had to share it with you!

Just follow this link and you'll see the complete alphabet and simple animals you can make each letter into - for example, alligator for A and jaguar for J. They have both upper and lower case letters/animals - although some letters are better "fits" than others, but they are all a really fun way to help your grandchildren learn and review their letters! Have your grandchildren make the letters, then make stories about the letter animals, play "hide-and-seek" with them and "I'm thinking of a letter/animal" - have lots of fun because if you make learning their A, B, C's fun, then they will go into learning to read from a position where they have experienced learning is enjoyable! :-)

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