Thursday, January 3, 2013

crafting with grandma - Let Them Make Their Own "Village"!

I was browsing on Pinterest the other day and found one of the best craft ideas ever! It is perfect for boys or girls and is something brothers and sisters could even work on - and play with - together! What could be more perfect? Oh, yes . . . it is sooo inexpensive! Did I mention "perfect"?!!!! :-)

Just follow the link for all the details you need for helping your grandchildren make their own "village" on a simple, plain shower curtain which you can get from a Dollar store! You'll need permanent ink pens and imagination - get ready for great fun as you all work together to create a play space which can be rolled up and tucked away when they are not playing with it . . . but they will likely be playing with it a LOT! I LOVE the tips for how to make a "contraption" which allows you to "build" roads which "measure" correctly using an old juice bottle! I also love the idea of making additional "maps" which reflect cities  . . . San Francisco, Paris, London, etc with all their landmarks!

However you design your "village" this is a craft which is as much fun to "build" as it is to play with . . . and it is sure to be played with a lot! Enjoy!

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