Thursday, January 3, 2013

crafting with grandma - Quilled Heart

paper heart craftMost of the craft ideas I share with you are craft you can make with your grandchildren. This one is for you . . . although, you could teach older grandchildren to do this one, too! I was browsing on Pinterest and found a quilled heart charm - it is so cute, but when I followed the site, there were no directions. So, I kept looking and found a tutorial for making hearts which are very similar.

Just follow this link for the tutorial and make one extra piece; an "oval" to put between the halves of the heart and voila! You'll have an adorable heart charm! These would make wonderful charms to give to older granddaughters on a bracelet or necklace - and to make for yourself, too! Have fun . . . this is one I'm going to try!

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