Tuesday, January 29, 2013

grandma's "chuckles" - He Drives Like a Mad-Man!

I made my husband laugh the other day! I don't mean just a smile or a "chuckle", but rather an out-and-out belly-laugh! How, you ask? Well, I told him the following: "Caleb drives the dump-truck like a 'mad-man'!" He out-and-out laughed at this! 

Why, you ask? Because Caleb is one year old and loves the toy dump-truck we have. Plus, he loves . . . wait, did I say, "loves"? I should have said, "LOVES!!!!" . . . to drive it like a mad-man, careening around the dining-room table and into the living room; all the while saying, "vvrrrooommm, vvvrrrooommm, vvvrrrooommm, go, go, go!!!" Yes, the term, "mad-man" can and does apply to this sweet little sugar dumpling when he is driving the dump-truck! :-)  

What do your grandchildren do to make you laugh?

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