Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Fun!

family sledding
Okay, to be perfectly honest, it is difficult for me to put those two words together . . . "winter" and "fun" since I'm really not a fan of snow. However; since I live in Michigan, on a typical winter we would have piles of snow outside . . . this year, not so much. But, if you have snow where you live check this idea I found on Pinterest for, yes, I'll say it, winter fun!

making a snowmanJust follow this link for all the details on building your own winter obstacle course, snowball roll-off and snowball toss, playing "find-the-flag" - I'm sure my grandsons would find this to be fun! And, I do have to admit, it does sound like fun to make a snowman without a head and then have your grandchildren stand behind it so their head becomes the snowman's "head" - this would make for some great photos for sure! 

And . . . if you live someplace lovely and warm - yes, my dislike for snow peeking through! :-) . . . or if the snow isn't "showing up" for you like it typically does for us, try these ideas I found at the same site because "imagining a storm" and making "snowman puppets" does sound like fun! You could do a "twist" on the "headless snowman" idea above, by drawing a snowman without a head on paper and then having your grandchildren stand behind the snowman so their head is the head and take their photos!

So whether you live somewhere cold, lovely and warm or cold, but have no snow, try these ideas for some winter fun with your grandchildren!

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