Sunday, February 17, 2013

crafting with grandma - Rocket Blanket to Crochet!

fun blanket for a kid - sweet grandson, Josiah LOVES to use his imagination! I'm often informed there are "monsters" and "aliens" at my house, but I'm not to worry because "Super Josiah" is here and "fortunately" he knows what to do

We have a cardboard rocket which Josiah and Caleb enjoy playing in - they often are "blasting off" for outer space where they might "space walk", but are most likely to encounter "aliens"! I LOVE listening to them play . . . imagination is such a wonderful gift from God!

I found a free crochet pattern for a blanket with rockets on it . . . of course I have to make it for Josiah - either for his birthday or Christmas. (If the pattern doesn't show up, enter in blankets for babies and children and you'll find it!) Whether he is sharing his love and imagination for rockets, space and aliens . . . or talking with me about how God does not get to Heaven in a rocket or an airplane . . . this is most certainly the blanket for Josiah!

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