Monday, February 25, 2013

Dolls - Crochet a Rag Doll & I'm Giving an American Girl Doll Away!

Girl Rag Doll with Tiny Rag DollI love rag dolls! They are soft and cuddly and can make such a wonderful "friend" for a young girl to grow up with! So, as I browsed on Pinterest, I was very happy to find a crochet pattern for a rag doll . . . I'd change the look of the face because I think the nose is too big and red, but otherwise, this is a doll I'd definitely make if I had a granddaughter to give her to! Just follow this link and you'll find a page where you can download the pattern for this doll for free!

So, what about you? What kind of doll do you like? What dolls did you have when you were growing up? I had a Raggedy Ann and one of my daughter's first dolls was a Raggedy Ann, too!

Today American Girl dolls are a huge hit with girls and on the wish list for nearly all of them! They are beautiful dolls and I really like how they come with their own "story" which teaches about history or problems and issues girls might face in their own lives.

I'm very happy for the opportunity to give away one Saige, American Girl Doll of the Year for 2013 on May 15, 2013! You will find all the details about this lovely doll, her "story" and how you can be in the drawing at this link.


  1. My first dolly was a rag doll my Grandmother made especially for me. I would give Saige to my daughter to enjoy and hopefully hand down to her own daughter someday.

  2. I had so many dolls and played with them so much I wore them out! I would give this to my granddaughter that I care for weekly. I would keep her here and make her a bed and her own little quilt. And hopefully some clothes! Terri Conner

  3. I'd love to win an American doll for my daughter, she won't be getting one otherwise. My sister crochets and has a large group of friends who do as well, so I've shared this on her wall on FB.