Friday, February 8, 2013

grandma's bookshelf - Alone, Yet Not Alone - I'm Giving One Away!

Over the nearly two years I've been writing grandma's cookie jar, I've reviewed a LOT of books . . . mostly picture books for younger children. But, today I'm absolutely delighted for the opportunity to share a book with you which will make an impact on older children . . . and moms and grandmas, too. I love a good story, but when this story is also true, it is even better. Alone Yet Not Alone is the true story of sisters Barbara and Regina Leininger, ages 12 and 9, when they were kidnapped in 1755 by Allegheny warriors. It is powerful, frightening and challenging and one you - and your grandchildren - will not be able to put down or easily forget.

Alone Yet Not Alone 
Author - Tracy Leininger Craven
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - 

Favorite Features -
  • It is a true story!
  • Gripping, powerful and challenging; this is a story which will be remembered
  • Shows how we can hold on to God - even in the most difficult and frightening situations, because we can know for sure we may be alone, yet we are not alone!
Read this book, then give it to your granddaughters to read. Be sure to talk with them about the book; ask them what they think they would have done if they had been in the Leininger sister's place and what it really means to have faith, even when you think God has turned His back on you. Tell them about a difficult time you faced in your life and how God brought you through it!

The story of Craven's family will continue to live on when it makes its big screen debut in April 2013. Take a moment to watch this clip of the movie . . . and please share it with the people you know!

I'm very happy to say, not only did Zonderkidz send one book for me to review, but they are making another available for me to give away (USA only)! If you'd like to be in the drawing for Alone Yet Not Alone, which will be on February 23, 2013,  please comment below to let me know if you have followed on Google+, Google Friend Connect, followed by liking on facebook with the tab in the "Find us on Facebook" box ON THE BLOG (not just liking the post) and/or have followed grandma's cookie jar by email. For each of these which you have done you will receive one entry. In addition, if you "share" this post, you'll receive an additional entry (please let me know if you share). This will help me be able to draw names from among people who would like to win this book and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away! Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar and for sharing it with the people you know!


  1. Sounds exciting...I follow on fb and email.

  2. Wow! I'd love to read this- I will be ordering it from my library :) Thanks for the review!

  3. Following on Google+, GFC, FB, and e-mail. Thanks for the chance! My daughter just read "Blood on the River" and this would be an interesting, counter perspective.