Tuesday, February 5, 2013

grandma's bookshelf - Tails!

I am very happy to share the book, Tails, with you today! If you have a preschool/toddler in your family, they are going to LOVE this book! After all, with all the things to touch, pull, lift and move . . . plus all the animals, what isn't there to LOVE? :-)

By - Matthew Van Fleet
Publisher - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Ages - 2+

Favorite Features -
  • This book is just flat-out-fun!
  • I love all the color and the illustrations are so cute!
  • Sturdy board-book - little hands can hold, touch and enjoy this book!
  • Encourages animal recognition, learning about textures and counting
  • I'm happy to see familiar animals - like Pandas, tigers and foxes - and unusual animals - like pangolins, weasels and tamarins!
This book is filled with surprises and is the perfect book to enjoy while snuggling up with a young grandchild! This book has six textures to touch, a scratch-ad-sniff scent, pull tabls, flaps and lots of animals . . . like I said, it is a book your young grandchildren are going to LOVE! When you read it with your grandchildren be sure to talk with them about the unique ways God created different animals with different looks, sizes and textures! Take time to rejoice with them and praise God for the unique ways He created them, too! Enjoy!

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