Monday, February 4, 2013

grandma's movie review - Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted!

In 2005 we were introduced to an unlikely group of friends; Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo. These friends led us on a hilarious journey from their zoo in New York to the Island country of Madagascar where we learned about friendship, forgiveness and "family" . . . all the while laughing at the crazy situations these four found themselves in . . . along with four unusual penguins and a jungle full of lemurs!

2008 brought the next chapter in the story of these four friends as they tried to return to their home in the New York zoo, but only made it as far as Africa! Once again we laughed our way through the story of how these four friends had become more than friends . . . they were family.

So, were they to "live" "happily ever after" in Africa? No! The story continued in 2012 as Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria traveled through Europe on their "quest" to return to their "home" in the New York zoo. I heard this was a very silly movie . . . and it certainly is. But, it is a very "fun" silliness . . . one which will delight children and surprise adults because not only is it silly . . . after all, it is a movie about animals who want to return to their zoo and who act like people . . . but it is laugh-out-loud-hilarious! These four friends end up "joining" a circus and actually making it back to their New York zoo where they realize "home" was no longer at the zoo of their past. It was in the circus with each other and their new "family"!

I loved the color, music, silliness, fun and craziness of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted! It is a movie families can sit down and laugh through together. More importantly, it is a movie which gives families important things to talk about; such as lying, telling the truth, how friends help friends, what "family" is and how important it is to be able to "let go" of our "past" and not allow it to blind us to the amazing present and promising future which is before us. There are times in life when things happen which we do not want, but even in those times life does go on and we can make the most of it. If we do, we may find our "present" and "future" is something so much more amazing than our "past" ever could be!

Pop up a big bowl of popcorn, gather your family and get ready to laugh because Madagascar 3 is a movie which will absolutely leave you laughing!

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