Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Craft - "God's Conversation Hearts"!

Gods Conversation Hearts Favor Idea  / Church Valentine craft! I was looking on Pinterest for Valentine's Day craft ideas and found one I didn't expect . . .   God's Conversation Hearts. I love the idea of taking the opportunity Valentine's Day gives to focus, not just on "love", but on the most amazing love ever . . . God's love for us!

All you need is conversation hearts, plastic wrap, ribbon and print out a tag which says - 

  God's Conversation Hearts
Be Mine - John 3:16
All Mine - John 10:27-30
True Love - Jeremiah 31:3
Love Me - Luke 10:27
I'm Sure - John 14:1-3
Sweet Talk - Psalm 119:103
Be Good - John 14:15
Fax Me - Jeremiah 33:3

Fix a bag of hearts for each of your grandchildren and spend some time looking up the Bible verses together!


  1. What a wonderful idea. I am planning on using it in another way too. I facilitate a GriefShare group and plan on making a bunch of these for our folks in the group. Not only have they lost a loved one, but some have lost sight of GOD'S love right now. THANKS for the wonderful idea!

  2. You are most sincerely welcome and THANK YOU for caring for and loving people who have lost loved ones.

  3. It is truely my Heart of where GOD has lead me, I lost a husband nearly 20 years ago at the age of 22. I believe that we must teach our children to grieve as well so that they might rejoice when their FATHER calls a loved one home.