Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun - Give Your Grandchild's Yard a "Heart Attack"!

heart attack someone's lawn with flour <3As I browsed on Pinterest the other day I found an idea which is so cute and fun, I had to share it with you . . . give the yard of someone you love a "heart attack"! All you need is a large heart "stencil", which you can make from cardboard or paper, a sifter, flour and an opportunity to slip unobserved into a loved one's yard!

The basic idea is to place your stencil on the yard, cover with flour and move on to repeat across and around their yard! Just imagine their surprise and delight when they wake to see their yard has had a "heart attack"! Follow this link for the specifics and get ready to spread some love! Have fun! (You may want to take a little time to browse around on the blog where this idea came from - it can be a little difficult to find things, but enter dates into the search box and you'll find lots of wonderful DIY ideas!)

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