Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Gift - "Galleries of Stone" - & an Opportunity!

Two days ago I posted a review of The Blue Door - and announced a give-away of two signed books! (You'll find it all at this link) Today I want to share with you a truly wonderful gift from the author, Christa Kinde. Not only has Christa written the first two books in a series which you can happily and confidently share with your older elementary and teen grandchildren/children called the Threshold Series (I'll be reviewing - and giving away - the second book, The Hidden Deep next week), but she has also created an amazing story which captures the imagination and leaves you so you just have to keep reading called, Galleries of Stone

This story has 366 chapters - yes, I just said, 366 chapters . . . one for every day of the year. The reason for this is because of a challenge Christa challenged herself with! She describes it in this way; "As a personal writing challenge, I’ll be using‘s Word of the Day as a daily writing prompt throughout the upcoming year. As a Word of the Day subscriber, each morning, my prompt will conveniently arrive in my inbox. I’m already in suspense, for while I can attest to a prodigious vocabulary, I fully expect to be pulling my hair out at regular intervals in the months ahead! For better or for worse, daily chapters will be added to Galleries of Stone. The story will be appropriate for all ages. The adventure will grow with the characters. The goal is to hold your interest (and mine) for an entire year! Let’s have some fun!"

Throughout 2012 Christa wrote the story of Freydolf, who is a Pred and the Master Sculptor, Tupper, who is a Flox and Freydolf''s new servant and Aurelius, who is Freydolf's brother-in-law. Christa summarizes the story as follows; "Freydolf only descends from his mountain when necessity drives him to hunt for a new servant. The villagers thereabouts fear him—with good reason—but when people are too poor and their homes are too crowded, all it takes is a handful of coins to loosen family ties. Tupper is chosen because he’s docile and dull, for in the galleries of a magical master sculptor, boyish curiosity could become a very dangerous thing. Genres: Fantasy, Friendship, Adventure, Mystery Rating: PG (I bumped up the rating for non-graphic violence and light romance in later chapters)"

I began reading this two days ago and am up to Chapter 59 - I can not wait to find out what happens next! The story is unexpected, interesting and for me it is fun to see how Christa works the "word of the day" into each day's chapter! I'm a writer, but the very idea of taking a year to write a story which you add to each day based on the word of the day is one which leaves me beyond impressed!

Not only is this a wonderful story, but it is free! It is a gift from Christa to anyone who wants to read it! All you have to do is follow this link to Christa's site and begin your journey to the Statuary on Morven; you'll be oh so glad you did! 

And, keep in mind, if you have older elementary age or teen grandchildren, this could be a very fun story to read through together! Make it a challenge - the days you spend together, read a chapter with the challenge for each of you to read another chapter each day until you spend time together once again. Then you can talk about the story, and continue the challenge each day for a year! How much fun would this be!!!!
Two Postcards
Plus, as I mentioned in my review on Thursday, Christa has offered to mail her beautiful art cards to 25 people - as Christa says, "Just for fun. Because I like fun. I’ve always been fond of mail, mailboxes, postcards, letters, and the like. Perhaps that’s why a postal theme often crops up in my stories. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I love sending and receiving 'real mail.'" If you would like to receive a note from Christa, please be sure to comment below! If you think your grandchild/child or a friend would enjoy receiving actual mail from a real author, please comment below with your name so I can contact you to get your mailing address. Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar and for sharing it with the people you know!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! ♥ I'm delighted that you discovered Galleries of Stone. Please do enjoy. And thank you for sharing this!


  2. You are most sincerely welcome :-) Thank you for writing such an engaging story and for gifting it to your readers!