Thursday, March 7, 2013

crafting with grandma - Handprint Shamrocks & Spring Flowers!

flower garden handprintsSt Patricks Day handprint craftYes, it is true, I have mentioned a time or two . . . or three or more :-) . . . about how much I like . . . hmmm, did I say, like? I should say, LOVE!!!, hand-print crafts! I love them because they are usually creative and fun, plus they give a way to record a moment in time when a child was little - just look how small their hand once was!!!! I have a t-shirt I made when my children were little with their hand-prints on it - now Josiah likes to wear it on sleep-overs as a night-shirt! Yes, it most certainly is true, I LOVE hand-print crafts!

So, when I was browsing on Pinterest and saw hand-print shamrocks and hand-print flowers - well, I had to share them with you! Just decide what you want to make the hand-prints on . . . canvas, paper, fabric, a t-shirt, hat . . . whatever you like, grab some paint and some small hands attached to sweet little ones in your family and have fun making shamrocks and flowers! They would make wonderful gifts! I'm going to make hand-prints of my sweet grandsons, frame them and put them on my bedroom walls! What could possibly be better? What will you make hand-prints on? Enjoy!

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