Monday, March 4, 2013

crafting with grandma - Make Perry the Platypus - Yes, Yes You Can!

plushie pet platypus free crochet patternMy grandsons LOVE Perry the Platypus! Josiah will often pretend to be Agent P (for Perry) . . . or Agent J (for Josiah!). He told me I can be his "side-kick", Agent G (for grandma!) and of course Caleb is Agent C as we bravely battle Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his "inators"! Oh the fun we have at my house when my sweet grandsons are here! Of course this grandma does't mind at all when Agent J is "hit" with the "hug-inator" and has to give me hugs!!!! That has to be my favorite "inator"!

So, when I was browsing on-line and found a crochet pattern for a platypus which looks a lot like Perry, well, of course I had to make it for my sweet grandsons! I bought the yarn and have started the first "Perry" . . . my plan is to make two, complete with fedoras and then make two additional fedoras so Agent J and Agent C can wear their fedoras, too!

If you follow this link you'll find the download for the crocheted platypus pattern. I'll post the fedora pattern in a few days once I figure out how to make "platypus-sized" fedoras and "boy-sized" fedoras! Enjoy making some platypus friends for your grandchildren if you have fans of Perry the Platypus around your house, too!

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