Saturday, March 23, 2013

crafting with grandma - Resurrection Garden

While we might think of Christmas as the most important Holiday of the year, Resurrection Sunday is the most important one to me. Yes, I rejoice to remember how Jesus came to be born as a baby and absolutely love celebrating Christmas with my family! But, without the resurrection, the birth and the death of Jesus would not be something we still remember and celebrate today because without the resurrection of Jesus, He would be like any other religious leader . . . lying dead in a grave. 

But, He did not stay dead! He rose from the dead and because of this Jesus makes forgiveness possible so we can know and walk with God forever! It was "finished" on the cross and it began again three days later when Jesus rose from the dead. I have to think those three days were three of the saddest, most confusing days ever as the people who loved Jesus wondered what happened, why it happened and what were they ever to do now. But, then the third day dawned and live changed forever for them . . . and for us! So, for me, Resurrection Sunday is the most important day to celebrate!

Yes, I plan to color eggs with my grandsons when they are at my house on Friday and on Resurrection Sunday there will be an egg hunt after dinner . . . and some fun surprises, too! After all, I am grandma and that is just what this grandma does . . . celebrates and has fun. But, we will also talk about what we are celebrating and why we can celebrate!

I was browsing on Pinterest and found a great idea for making a Resurrection Garden . . . I think this may be a fun way to talk about the "what" and the "why" with my grandsons, so I very well might gather the supplies . . . and plan for them to help find some of the things like the sticks and stones as well . . . and then help them make this special reminder of what Jesus did for us!

Just follow this link and you'll find all you need to know about making a Resurrection Garden with your grandchildren! And remember, He is alive, indeed and this is absolutely something amazing to celebrate!!!

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