Sunday, March 3, 2013

grandma's movie review - Phineas & Ferb - The Perry Files - animal agents

Around this grandma's house it isn't uncommon to hear; "Doobe doobe doobe - Doobe Doobe Doobe - Perry!" or "Yes, Yes it is!" It is also not unusual to see "Agent J" and his side-kick "Agent C" at my house as they bravely "battle" Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his "inators"! You probably recognize these as being part of the Disney series, Phineas & Ferb because Phineas & Ferb is a favorite of my sweet grandsons! So, when Disney sent me the new Phineas & Ferb DVD, I knew two little boys who would be happy to review it with me!

Phineas & Ferb: The Perry Files - Animal Agents 
By - Disney
Rating - G

Favorite Features -
  • Encouages imagination, creativity and thinking of amazing things which you can "do today"! :-)
  • Fun cartoon with brothers who think of something interesting and "out there" to do each day while they are on Summer vacation
  • Fun and crazy stories with good triumphing over evil!
  • Adventure and fun kids will enjoy with enough humor grandparents/parents can enjoy, too!
  • More than two hours of adventures!
Phineas & Ferb is a fun show children and adults alike can enjoy and this is a fun DVD for families to watch - and laugh at - together! As Disney says, "Behind a cute and/or cuddly exterior there may lurk a cunning crime-fighter with a brown fedora, a top-secret identity and a license to thrill! Meet the heroic Animal Agents of the O.W.CA. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym). Join Perry the Playtpus - a.k.a. Agent P - and his fellow operatives as they team up to thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his dastardly 'inators'. Be they furry or feathered, scaly or slimy, these fearless agents roll over for nobody when it comes to crushing evil in the Tri-State Area and beyond!"

Pop up a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy Phineas & Ferb with your grandchildren!

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