Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toy Review - RCs from Kid Galaxy!

When it comes to toys young boys will enjoy . . . in most cases, if it has wheels on it, they are likely to want to play with it! If you can add in a fun element like an RC, well, the boys in your family will love any chance they get to play with it! 

So, when I had the opportunity to review a few RCs from kid Galaxy, I was very happy to check them out . . . as were my soon-to-be two-year old and my four and a half year old grandsons! Kid Galaxy sent me one of their, "My 1st RC Dinos" and two of their "My 1st RC GoGo Autos" - the "squeezable" dump truck and the Jeep. My grandsons loved these RCs! Wait . . . did I say, "loved" them? I should have said, "LOVED them!!!" Caleb will be two in July and it only took a few moments for him to get the hang of how to make the dino, the dump truck and the Jeep to "go"! He had great fun playing with them . . . and hugging the Jeep while he sat in my lap later in the day when it was close to nap-time!

Josiah is four-and-a-half and he said he, "loved everything about the RCs!" He thought they were easy and fun to use. He really liked how he could make them go with the remote. 

I was happy to see how well they are made. These RCs are able to hold up to serious playing and lots of it! The remotes for the GoGo autos are shaped like steering wheels and apparently run on different frequencies so each remote only run's it's own vehicle. There are just two buttons - go forward and turn - which makes them great for use by preschoolers - they are marked for children 2+ and 3+ years old. If you are looking for something you could give a grandchild for a birthday or other special day - or just for the fun of it - definitely take a look at RCs from kid Galaxy! Your grandchildren are going to LOVE playing with them for sure!

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