Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Cool, Must-Do Science Project Your Grandchildren Will Love!

I've been trying a few simple science projects with Josiah - he is four years old and finds them interesting and fun! When he is at our house he will often ask to do a science project so I think he is ready for one of my favorites . . . all I need is peroxide, dish soap and yeast . . . the result is sure to get a wonderful response from him!!!

I really love projects which encourage my grandsons to think, be curious, to wonder, ask questions and learn new things - what could be better to do these things than science projects? Especially really cool and fun science projects? When you have a moment, check out Steve Spangler's web site - it is filled with projects you can try with your grandchildren!

Just follow this link I posted to Pinterest and you'll be able to see Steve Spangler walk you through each step of this project . . . it will be very easy to see why I love this project! Not only is it simple and not only does it use basic ingredients which you likely have in your house, but it is so much fun for children because when the ingredients combine, the result is amazing!!!! Oh, and definitely do this project in your sink or in a large tub!!! Enjoy!

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