Saturday, April 6, 2013

crafting with grandma - Make Your Own Busy Board!

Around my house I'm always looking for ideas for crafts and activities busy boys will enjoy as my grandsons are four and almost two. Did I say, "busy"? Oh, yes, there is no doubt these two boys are BUSY and have no lack of energy!!!! 

My son is a mechanic and all it takes is a few minutes spent with his boys to see they are their daddy's boys! They love cars, tools and anything mechanical! Did I say, "loves"? What an understatement! LOVES is far more accurate! When my son was two he knew how to climb out of his crib on his own - and was fully capable of doing so. However, he went to sleep with a car in each hand, so in the morning to climb out of his crib required letting go of a car . . . something he just did not want to do! He waited for us to come get him so he didn't have to let go of his cars!

Josiah, his first son, loved cars, too! He could have sat for hours behind the steering wheel in a real parked car - if any adults were willing to sit there with him! Little Caleb is the same way! One of his first words was "car"!!! The boys love tools and know what they are . . . and how to use them, too! 

While I realize each grandson is his own person, it is very possible the new grandbaby boy will also love cars and tools, so when I saw the pin for a DIY Busy Board made from fun things like tp tube holders, switches, bells and other odds and ends on Pinterest, I had to share it with you!

Just follow this link and you'll get a closer look and ideas for items you might put on your own busy board. Then check your junk drawer, the garage, work bench and make a trip to the local hardware store for a variety of items to use in the construction of your busy board! I think this will be a fun project for Josiah and Caleb to help us gather supplies for and put together before their new baby brother arrives! When we finish it, I'll post a photo! Who might you make a busy board for and what would you want to have on it?

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