Thursday, April 11, 2013

crafting with grandma - You Are My Sunshine Hand-Print Art

Do you have a special song you sing to your grandchildren - especially as a lullaby? I sing, You are My Sunshine to my grandsons . . . or at least my version of the song! I've changed it a bit . . . "♪ You are my sunshine, my little sunshine. ♪ You make me happy, all the day! ♪ I love you forever and for always! ♪ You are my sunshine today! 

Josiah and Caleb have sleep-overs at our house on Thursdays most weeks! So, on Friday, after lunch, it is time for Caleb to take a nap. Josiah helps me sing to Caleb before we put him in his pack and play for his nap and he has his own version of this song, too! Josiah sings, "♪ Caleb it is time for your nap. ♪ You may not want to go to sleep, ♪ but you need to take a nap! ♪ You are my sunshine and I love you forever and for always  so go to sleep and take your nap! " :-)

As you can see, we like this song around my house . . . or at least some version of it! So, when I was browsing on Pinterest and saw an adorable hand-print art project for Mother's Day which also used part of this song, well, I had to share it with you!

It looks pretty simple - and like one which would be great fun for your grandchildren to make for their mom! Just decide what base you want to use - wood, canvas, cardboard, paper or even a t-shirt - and then let your grandchildren paint it blue. When the paint dries, have them paint the center of the "sun" and then have fun painting their hands - I think it would be fun to let your grandchildren work together on this picture for their mom! How cute would it be to have different sized hands around the center of the "sun"?!! Then paint on the words; "You are my sunshine" and let your grandchildren "sign" their names! What a truly wonderful gift for mom!

So, what do you think of this project and what song do you sing to your grandchildren?

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