Thursday, April 4, 2013

grandma's bookshelf - The Hidden Deep - I'm Giving One Away!

As I said last week, when it comes to books; particularly novels, for older elementary children and young teens, it can be a tremendous challenge to find anything they will be engaged by and which you still want them to read. I was delighted to share a book with you, The Blue Doorwhich you can give your grandchildren/children and not have to worry about what they will read. I also announced a give-away of two books signed by the author - Christa Kinde. (You'll find the review and all the info at this link)

Today I'm happy to share the second book in the Threshold Series; The Hidden DeepIn this book as Prissie Pomeroy deals with disappointments and difficulties with her friends and unhappiness with someone who she thinks is a "real nuisance", she begins to have a better understanding of the spiritual war around her which she can not see. As Zonderkidz says, "Harvest time is in full swing when Prissie Pomeroy learns something terrible happened in her family's orchard. With school back in session, Prissies best friends are distant, while Ransom and his friends won't leave her alone. As Koji and Milo introduce Prissie to the angels of Jedrick's Flight, she is drawn increasingly deeper into their world and closer to its dangers. Everything Prissie thought she knew is about to change . . . again!"

I had the opportunity to interview Christa and am delighted to share it with you:

ME: What is the one main thing you’d like young readers to walk away with after reading The Hidden Deep?
Rough and TumbleCHRISTA: Oh, there are lots of potential little lessons woven into the story. If I had to choose one of them, it’d probably be, “Do you know why you believe what you say you believe?” But to be perfectly honest, I’d be thrilled if young readers reach the end of The Hidden Deep and reach for more. Because there is more! I’ve written some fun companion stories to the Threshold Series. Guardian angels are at the heart of Rough and Tumble, which updates every weekday on my website, and there’s an illustrated prequel called Angels All Around coming soon from Zonderkidz! Rough and Tumble is free to read, and it will expand your understanding of what makes this story’s world spin … and sneak a few more of those little lessons into your days!

ME: I appreciated the Discussion Questions in the back of the book. Would you encourage parents to think through these questions with their children?
CHRISTA: Certainly! Zonderkidz has deemed these books appropriate for children as young as eleven, but adults should be asking themselves the very same questions. What makes someone trustworthy? Do you know what it’s like to be lonely in a crowd? Why is it so hard to stand up to bullies? When kids are wrestling with tough questions, insights from an adult can go a long way. Throughout the series, we see Prissie turn to her parents, her grandparents, and her pastor with her questions. And like them, we need to be there, ready to listen, ready to learn.

ME: How many books do you anticipate in this series? 
CHRISTA: There are four books in the Threshold Series. Right now, there are also at least three illustrated short stories planned, and another week/daily serial will begin in November, right after Rough and Tumble wraps up.

ME: Did your time in West Michigan help inspire your apple orchard setting for the Pomeroy family? 
CHRISTA: You betcha! Our first house was located along a gravel road much like Orchard Lane. A cornfield, an apple orchard, and a cow pasture surrounded our pretty little acre. I loved my garden, my chickens, my clotheslines and my dear neighbors. Bushels of their windfalls went into our pies and I put up countless jars of applesauce! West Edinton sprang from a mixture of memories about a couple of little towns in Michigan and my childhood home in rural Minnesota.

Thank you Christa for taking the time to answer my questions!
Two Postcards

Last week I announced an extra fun give-away . . . Christa generously offered to mail 25 of her art cards to readers; so today I'm announcing the winners of the art cards! I'm delighted to say Mary Beth Dawson, Tater95, Gaila Proctor, Nita Carter, Jackie Baker, Tracy Stevens Taylor, Lori Layne, Ashley Osborn, Dawn Twiest, Carmen VanDeursen, Terri Conner and Joan Salsbury are the first winners of the art cards! (Ladies, please message me your address and an address for a grandchild/child who would also enjoy receiving mail from Christa!)

Now for the new give-aways! Christa is making 25 more art cards available which she will mail to readers and Zonderkidz is making available one The Hidden Deep book! (USA only) If you'd like to be in the drawing for the cards and The Hidden Deepwhich will be on April 23, 2013,  please comment below to let me know if you have followed on Google+, Google Friend Connect, followed by liking on facebook with the tab at this link (not just liking the post) and/or have followed grandma's cookie jar by email. For each of these which you have done you will receive one entry. In addition, if you "share" this post, you'll receive an additional entry (please let me know if you share). This will help me be able to draw names from among people who would like to win the cards and The Hidden Deep and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away!


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