Sunday, April 21, 2013

grandma's chuckles - He Knows the Difference Between Can't & Don't Want To and Need & Want!

One of my favorite things about being Josiah's and Caleb's grandma is I get to hear and see the cute and funny things they say and do! For example, we were talking with Josiah about the difference between "cant' and "do not want to". I said, "If I said I can't make
cookies, would you believe me?" He said, "No! Because you can make cookies and make them for me all the time!" I said, "You are right! I can make cookies. If I said I don't want to make cookies, would you believe me?" He said, "Yes." I said, If I said, I can't climb a tree, would you believe me?" He said, "Yes, because you are a girl and girls can't do things boys can do like climb trees!" Can you tell he is a four year old boy? :-)

Well, of course I told his parents about this conversation - it was too cute not to! The next time Josiah was here he told me, "I was wrong about girls not being able to climb trees. My parents told me girls can climb trees!" I hope he always is able to be a person who is able to admit when he is mistaken! As the boys' grandma I'm very happy to see what a great job their parents are doing with raising these sweet boys! 

I was able to see another example of this last week when they were here. I made cookies for the boys and said, "You two look like boys who need a cookie!" Of course Caleb - he is almost two years old - was all in favor of having a cookie! He ran to the cookie jar, did his "happy cookie dance" and happily said, "Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!" Josiah looked at me and said, "Yes! I neeeee . . . well . . . I don't REALLY need a cookie, but I would like to have one!" I hope he is always able to tell the difference between what he needs and what he wants! 

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