Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Hand-print Picture Frame!

As I've mentioned a time or two - or likely many more . . . I love photos of my sweet grandsons! I also love to do tracings of their little hands, so when I saw this craft I absolutely fell in love with it! I just added a few things to my shopping list and you can reasonably expect my sweet grandsons will be making hand-prints when they are at my house later this week! Don't you just love the look of the mat with hand-prints on it? What a great, personalized and unique way to frame a photo!

Mother's Day is just a month away so if you are looking for a great gift which you can help your grandchildren make for their mom, take a look at this terrific idea I found on Pinterest for a hand-print picture frame!

Just follow this link and you'll find all you need to know about this quick and easy craft which is also inexpensive! You just need a photo mat, photo frame, ink pad and hands of sweet children! Oh, and it might be helpful to have damp paper towels handy, too!

Add a special photo of your sweet grandchildren and you have a great gift for them to give their mom! Be sure to take photos of the children making their hand-prints, too!

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