Monday, April 1, 2013

Perry Was a "Hit"!!! Yes, Yes it Was!!!

Last month I posted a link to a free pattern for making your own Perry the Platyapus for any young Perry fans in your life, so today I want to let you know I made two Perrys - complete with fedoras - for my two sweet grandsons; who just happen to be "fans" of Perry! I followed the pattern - mostly. I added a couple extra rows on the increase so my Perrys would be just a little bigger. Plus, I also made fedoras for my Perrys and sewed some of the "loop" side of Velcro inside the hats so when Perry has the hat on it can be "Agent P"! (My husband's idea!) Of course both boys also tried on the hats . . . they are SOOOOOO cute in the hats! I will be making hats a bit bigger so they will have their own fedoras . . . I can hardly wait for the fun we will have with them as Agent J and Agent C wearing their fedoras!!!!

I had my hubby hide the Perrys in the cardboard rocket at my house the boys love to play in and then let them go find their special surprise! Josiah was so surprised when he found the Perrys!!! He had a humongous smile on his face and when he gave one to Caleb, Caleb said, "Perry! Mine!" Apparently the Perrys are a big "hit" with my sweet grandsons and I am a very happy grandma!

If you have a Perry fan at your house, follow the link above and have fun making your own Perrys!

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