Sunday, April 21, 2013

There is So Much Beauty!

What do you see when you look out your window? I see woods and sometimes wild turkeys   or deer running through the yard! I live in West Michigan and it is a very pretty place! Lots of trees, lakes, orchards, fields and lots of green all over the place! I'm only thirty minutes from Lake Michigan so there is a lot of natural beauty where I live!

Image from the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center webcam
Mount ShastaWe lived for several years in Northern California - we had amazing mountains on three sides of us - Mount Shasta, Mount Lassen and the Trinity Alps . . . talk about beautiful! We were just a short drive from Lake Shasta and if we drove 45 minutes we could be up on Lassen - nice in the winter as we could drive the kids to play in the snow and when they got cold we just had to drive home where there wasn't any snow! LOVED it! Mt. Lassen is an active volcano - it blew the last time at the turn of the last century - and there are lava tubes, waterfalls and so much beauty to enjoy!

So . . . where do you live? What do you see when you look outside? Take the time to notice the beauty of where you live and enjoy it with your grandchildren! Talk with them about how God created such an amazing world for us to live in and take them on a walk through "your part" of the world, being sure to notice beauty big and small! Then, take them on a "virtual" journey and visit some websites which show other beautiful places! Check out these sites . . . 

    Massive waves on Lake Superior creates a dramatic scene as they meet the shoreline. Marquette, MI Upper Peninsula
  • Michigan Nature Photos - this site has dozens of amazing photos taken by Greg Kretovic . . . he lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where there is no shortage of beautiful places; and he certainly knows how to photograph these beautiful places!
  • National Park Service - this link will allow you to connect with National Parks across the country and take virtual tours of the beauty and diversity of these amazing places!
  • Pure Michigan - great site for information on Michigan!
What are your favorite web sites which show the beauty of where you live or your favorite places to visit?

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