Sunday, May 5, 2013

crafting with grandma - Eclectic Purse with a Sense of Whimsy and Fun!!!

I enjoy getting a new purse. I enjoy crocheting. I enjoy an eclectic "sense" of things matching or going together, yet not matching (for example, my dishes match because they are all Fiesta Square Platesbut they do not match because they each are different colors!) I enjoy a sense of "whimsy" and "fun"! So . . . when I was browsing on Pinterest and saw a purse which fit all these things, I was inspired to try and make one of my own!!!

So . . . what do you think of this purse? Do you think I succeeded? :-) I made the sections the size I wanted for a purse and then took the pattern I found for the checks and polka-dots from a tote pattern from Red Heart. I used the Birdie pattern I found on Pinterest and then discovered this great site also had patterns for stars, hearts and flowers! I made a handle like I did for the pocket purse I made last Fall and made a liner which I added a pouch for make-up and another for my driver's license and cards.

Once you determine the size purse you want to make, the look and any "whimsical and fun" items to add to your purse, you can choose your yarns! I used Red Heart Shimmer Yarn in Red, Lion Brand BonBons CelebrateLion Brand Nature's Choice in Blueberry and while the cream and dark blue yarns I used are no longer available, Red Heart Soft Touch or Red Heart Super Soft would certainly work really well for this project! I especially loved using yarn with a sparkle and shimmer - afterall, I was inspired to make something with a touch of whimsy and fun and what is more whimsical and fun than sparkles ??!!!! :-)

So . . . if you are looking for a purse which reflects your own eclectic, whimsical and fun "sense", perhaps this purse would be a fun project for you, too!

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