Thursday, May 30, 2013

crafting with grandma - Father's Day Dad Blocks!

Father's Day is just two weeks away and so I am very happy to share this craft idea with you which I found on Pinterest! I really love this craft . . . not only is it one which you can easily help even your youngest grandchildren make for their dad - and grandpa, too - but it is one which whoever receives it will love to display in their home or office! One extra thing you might do with it is to add a few "finger prints" from your sweet grandchildren - just get an ink pad and add a very personal "touch" from each of your grandchildren for their dad!

Just follow this link and you'll find the easy-to-follow directions for making your own set of letter blocks for dad and then gather some wood blocks and photos, let your grandchildren choose the ones they want on the blocks and have fun making blocks for the dads in your life! So - what do you think? Is this a craft you'd make? 

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