Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just for Fun!!! Even More Animal Mom Facts!

There are so many interesting and amazing animals in the world, so learning about them is usually lots of fun! When you add in the "mom facts" . . . it can be even more interesting! Check these bits of animal mom trivia I found on-line . . . 
  • Newborn hippos can weigh up to 110 pounds. The calves are born underwater and have to swim to the surface to take their first breath.
  • A baby koala is blind, hairless, and the size of a jellybean. Once it's born, the joey crawls into its mother's pouch and hangs out in there nursing for six months.
  • Mother bunnies, on the other hand, only nurse their babies (called kits) once a day while Chimpanzee mothers nurse their infants for four to five years.
  • Most mammals recognize their young ones by smell. As soon as it gives birth, one of the first things a mare, ewe, doe or seal does is to smell the newborn. It becomes a mark of recognition.
Have fun sharing these with your grandchildren and as you do, encourage them with the truth of how God created all these animals to be unique in their own ways - just as He created them to be wonderful and unique, too!

So, which animal mom "fact" did you find to be the most interesting? I personally am tremendously thankful my babies did not weigh 110 pounds!!! 

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