Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Children's Day Gift Idea - Tonka Chuck Tumblin' Chuck

If you have a young grandson chances are he is a fan of Tonka anything! Well, Hasbro has a new Tonka truck named "Chuck" which they sent me to review, and he "talks" . . . which is sure to be something a young grandson will enjoy . . . even if his parents do not! :-)

Tonka Chuck Tumblin' Chuck can say more than 80 phrases and sounds, flip over and roll across the floor! He sings and laughs and will likely get your grandsons to sing, laugh and do flips, too! Children 3 and older will have lots of fun playing with Chuck!

My grandsons are huge fans of anything with wheels on it - Caleb particularly loves dump trucks! He likes to fill the bucket with other toys and race it around our house - of course saying, "Vvrrooom!!! Vvrrooom!!!" as he goes!

So, if you are looking for something special for a sweet grandson on Children's Day (which is this Sunday, June 9, 2013) or for a birthday, take a look at Tonka Chuck Tumblin' Chuck!

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